About us

We are a community interest company offering a range of practical services including cleaning, gardening, and removals. Our mission is to make a positive contribution to society by improving the lives of those suffering from mental health issues. This extends to the services we offer, the people we work with and to our amazing volunteers.

We offer competitive prices and excellent services to our customers with the knowledge that our helpfull and fully trained workforce are developing personal and practical skills.

Our positive contribution towards society is what drives us. Our staff and volunteers all take particular care to behave professionally and treat everyone with the utmost respect. This outlook has enabled us to work with various reputable organisations which share our vision. We hold long-term contracts with Haringey Council and Homes for Haringey who we work closely with to help those who are vulnerable in our community.

Our History

The A-Team was initially established in 2003 by our director Matthias Lionel who saw the inequality experienced by people with mental ill health issues and decided to do something about it.

We set up in a mental health day centre based on Tottenham High Road; however, we have since relocated to the Clarendon Recovery Centre, a premise kindly provided by Haringey Council.

Over the past 18 years we have grown and flourished, developing a good reputation in the area and forming contracts with many reputable organisations. This has allowed us to really make an impact.


We have won various awards due to our extensive work in the community including:

  • The Community Achievement Award 2014 from The Haringey Irish Cultural and Community Centre for promoting a feeling of belonging to the area and pride in the community.
  • The Community Achievement Award 2015 from The Haringey Irish Cultural and Community Centre for encouraging community participation and to prevent isolation.
  • First Steps Award 2016 from The Department for Communities and Local Government for participation in the First Steps programme and for creating an approved First Steps Action Plan.
  • Certificate of Achievement from the Houses of Parliament in recognition of our participation in UK Parliament Week 2016.
  • Certificate of Achievement for The Houses of Parliament Week 2017.

The award pictured was for Promoting a Feeling of Belonging and Pride in the Community and was awarded by Haringey Irish Cultural and Community Centre and was received by the A-Team.

A-Team-Projects Award


We rely almost entirely on the limited income from the jobs we undertake in the community. This is supplemented by voluntary funding raised through charitable trusts and companies. We have been very fortunate to receive funding from The Big Lottery Fund on three separate occasions allowing us to run a number of projects.

Our most recent project was named JobMate where we worked with the National Lottery to provide those struggling to find work during the coronavirus pandemic with an outlet to develop their skills and remain active.

Without charitable donations and grant funding we would not be able to continue with the invaluable community work that we undertake.