Getting involved

By volunteering with us you can help to make a difference to people’s lives. The services we offer our customers help them reset, begin anew and live happier in a better physical setting.

Most of our volunteers are practical workers who help us directly deliver the services we provide. This means cleaning, gardening, and removals - it can be hard work so be prepared!

We do not ask for crazy hours.  If you can help out for a few hours every few weeks, that’s great- and even better if you can do more!

All our volunteers receive free workplace training and are awarded certificates which they can then use to help them in the workforce.


Volunteer Benefits

We accept a wide range of volunteers and do not discriminate on age, gender, sexuality or disability. The A-Team Projects puts people first in all its endeavours and this extends to our volunteers.

We also...

  • Allow volunteers to enter a work force that respects their mental health, encouraging and facilitating them through any personal struggles and accommodating their needs.
  • Provide volunteers with vital training and experience to aid them in future job opportunities.
  • Increase the self esteem of volunteers and provide them with a structure to develop their work disciplines and social skills where necessary.

We work in partnership with Jobcentre Plus, Bridge Renewal Trust and regularly attend job fairs to recruit our volunteers. If you would like to volunteer with us please get into contact directly through our email:,

We would love to hear from you!

Contact us if you are interested in volunteering with the A-Team

If you are interested in working with us please download and complete our referral form and email it to

We will then contact you.